The Wildest Wedding

Photo by Nicole Magno

ABS-CBN’s prime time teleserye, Wildflower gained an all-time high rating and had shaken the online world with its Wildest Wedding episode last August 9, 2017. Most of the Filipino homes were tuned in to the most awaited episode where Filipinos were filled with the anticipation of witnessing the first wedding on Philippine drama where the bride is in black.

The episode showed the wedding that Ivy Aguas, played by Maja Salvador, waited and planned. It was all according to her plan in order to get closer to the Ardientes—the family she grudged the most because of the death her father and the family behind the abuse on people. Ivy Aguas arrived in black gown, as his groom, Arnaldo Ardiente played by RK Bagatsing was waiting on her. The episode was successful in engaging wild and heart pounding emotions to the viewers, as it was filled with shocking revelations, emotionally charged production and cathartic dialogues.

From the very first scene of the episode, the camera focuses on the movements of people outside the vicinity of the venue where there were military people guarding the area, many civilians were coming to witness the much awaited wedding, and the media was there to cover the event, there the camera works on revealing to the viewers that usually the wedding is something big, people involved were prominent individuals in the society, and there might be something evil that will happen because of the presence of the military forces and huge number people.

The entrance of the guests going to the altar suggest a light and happy mood where people were smiling, because of the pleasing and calming sound of the violin, however there was a change in mood when the bride arrived, the sound became heavy and intensifies emotion of fear. As Ivy Aguas arrived at the church venue, the slow motion of the camera was able to draw the focus of the viewers to Ivy who carries with her the important symbolism in the story, while she is on her way entering the door of the church, suspense effect of showing only her black sandal, black tail of her veil, her bouquet of flowers, and the backlight effect which makes her gown unrecognizable due to light give viewers something to wonder about her attire.

The big revelation of her attire happened when the door of the church slowly opened revealing Ivy Aguas on a black wedding gown. The revelation of her gown was successful in absorbing the attention of the viewers as the camera showed the appalled faces of witnesses and the individual projection of the faces of important characters like Emilia, Julyo, Raul, and Arnaldo, all looking toward Ivy. First, they had an over-all picture of what does Ivy looked through the bird’s-eye and panning movement and backlight effect of the camera. Second, the color of her gown which is black was able to draw focus on her because black exudes power and made her stand out above anybody else in the scene due to the application of discordance. According to Risk (2016), discordance is made by the director to destroy the balance of color to give attention to a single subject. As what was seen inside the church all the people wear light shade of brown, and the director drawn the focus to Ivy through the black gown. The camera was also successful in giving highlight to the important symbol, which is the black gown. One of the reasons also why Ivy’s black gown caught attention because conventionally black symbolizes death, misfortune or bed events coming, where on the next episode the revelation of that symbolism happened, there was an unlikely disruption happened on the wedding.

Ivy’s whole aura is heavy and powerful, having that black gown and bold look because of exaggerated eye brows, and big bun shaped hair. As what is prominently observed on former first lady, Imelda Marcos, she usually had bun hair-do, which gives her bolder look. Also, Ivy’s aura signals something bad that might happen and everything was planned by her because of the voice saying about her wearing that black gown because that is the color that suits the event.

The transition of the camera focusing on Diego being observant of the persons in uniform and his arguments with Jepoy also gives the viewers clue that something bad might happen.

Also, the vow of Ivy to Arnaldo gives viewers an idea that Arnaldo had did something wrong toward Ivy Aguas. If Arnaldo’s vow, was filled with love and obsession toward Ivy, Ivy’s vow is a kind of a psychologic game, because her vow is appealing the conscience of Arnaldo, as Ivy said about her Nanay Carlota, her foster mother who was killed by Arnaldo who trembled a little bit and lost eye contact on Ivy when Ivy mentioned her Nanay Carlota.

At the next episode, there all the codes and conventions on the wildest wedding episode was unmasked. It all leads to a tragic episode, where there were big revelations of lies and secrets and fall down of the Ardientes.

This episode is more than just having the high rating or being very appealing to the viewers because of its intensity and revelations. The heavy and dark theme of the episode is trying to make viewers feel how is it to be oppressed by powerful people and how should we react. We should not remain like a helpless dog, we should be brave to stand for what is right. It is also a way for the teleserye to awaken the Filipinos to stand up against abuse of power and injustice to people.


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